G3.012 Dialer GSM 12Vcc



The G3 is a GSM dialer extremely functional, economical and easy to install, ideal for the transmission of reports to multiprotocol towards more recipients.

Carriers and communication protocols selectable
The combiner G3 is able to transmit signals to 9 phone numbers; it is possible, in the programming phase, select a wide range of carriers and protocols manageable:

Voice: transmission of voice messages on the GSM network and analog telephone line.
Contact-ID: transmission of signaling protocol Contact-ID on analog telephone line using optional interface.
SMS data: transmission of alarms via SMS on GSM type MVS to Operations Centres SICEP enabled management ShortMessage.
SMS Text: transmission of SMS text messages via GSM network to mobile phones.
Digital format: Protocol 4 + 1.
Telephone interface mod. IF-TL
With the addition of an optional plug-in (hack. IF-TL), the G3 device can also transmit information over a telephone line (with Protocol Telephony and Contact-ID), so you always have a second carrier in reserve the case where the GSM network is unusable. It is this interface can also detect the lack and / or telephone line cut activating, after a programmable delay, a report in GSM to all recipients set.

Record Speech
For recording messages in speech dialer has an internal memory that can hold 14 messages from 5/2 (8 inputs, 2 for the arm / disarm, 1 for sabotage, 1 for failure, 1 for expiration SIM and 1 for the remaining credit) and 1 common message by 8 seconds. The recording of voice messages can be done in software programming MVC or by using the Rec and Play places on the logic board of the device.

The G3 has 8 inputs N.C. individually programmable. For each input you can select phone numbers and protocols to use for each transmission (Voice, Contact ID, SMS data and SMS text).

8 outputs "open collector" these are individually programmable as static or impulsive; 2 additional outputs can instead be used to signal any alarm situations such as low battery, lack of power, sabotage and SIM management.

Management Sim
The dialer also functions "expiration Sims" and "residual credit" means using appropriate verification procedures will send a signal through the carrier selected by reporting all information pertaining to the parameters specified and activating local output.

Using Text Messages
Through the use of SMS messages in plain text you can query the G3 dialer to know about the status of the inputs, outputs, service channels and the SIM (maturity and credit); using the same procedure you can do the activations of the outputs with confirmation of completion. This procedure can be done through predefined texts in the programming phase protected by appropriate password.

Number recognition
The G3 is used to identify calls from 4 phone numbers programmable. The unit is able to recognize numbers and run set automatically one of the following functions: forward a distress or panic to the selected phone numbers to enable certain local outputs.

Hidden number
By setting "0" on the recipients phone numbers one who receives the call from the speech dialer does not see the caller's number for security reasons (function "ID Hidden").

Kit robbery
The possibility of expanding the dialer with the additional option of a pocket remote control and a receiver / decoder radio at 433MHz, allows use of the function of Panic and activate an output locally (mod. KIT-R9).

Programming mode
The programming of all operating parameters is performed easily and intuitively with the PC software Sicep MVC, which lets you view and edit parameters through Windows-style graphical pages. These can be stored and reloaded from files on your PC, so you build a custom programming.
The programming of the parameters of the dialer can be done by adopting other two operating procedures: either by sending SMS text format that by inserting the SIM into a normal cell.

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