Central "BT-15159" 8 zones (expandable to 96 IN-OUT) + 55 BiTech radio (optional)

The DCS-15159.01 kit consists of:

# 1 BT-15159 Central 8 zones (expandable to 96)
# 1 BT-RX63 / B radio transceiver 55 areas BiTech (+ 8 REP)
# 1 BT-GSM Module GSM / GPRS integrated
# 1 BT-PZE Siren piezo
# 1 BT KT-5 remote channels BiTech

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Central alarm 8 wired zones (expandable to 96 IN-OUT), 55 radio Bi-Tech + 8 REP (optional module). 15 areas. Digital communicator in- tegrato (Contact-ID). Weekly programmer (4 times daily). Historical events (max 2,000). Plastic enclosure with tamper and tamper antiaper- ture.

Module GSM / GPRS integrated

8 wired zones (Balanced inputs, NC, NO).
8 OC type outputs OC (static or pulse).
Expandable up to 96 in / out by No. 9 cards BT-EX8 / 2 connected on the RS485 bus.
Optional transceiver 1 to 63 zones with two-way radio modulation GFSK (freq. 868Mhz with 3 selectable channels) to manage 55 devices and 4 Rep with the possibility of double jump.
15 independent areas (with multiple entry option).
15 keyboard rows BT-KPA / KPE (20 codes to 5 digits).
8 key readers BT-KR.
2 access keys and customizable identifiable BT-KEY.
16 proximity readers rows BT-PRX.
55 proximity reader radio BT-PRW.
32 Card or Proximity tag.
8 sirens BT-SIR.
1 output for outdoor siren.
Time programmer for n. 4 times on - off daily the individual areas on a weekly basis, with management of the public holiday calendar (12 fixed + 12 furniture).
Ronda area with automatic reset function of time.
Rates of input / output separately programmable for each area.
Dynamic test and periodic on the actual capacity of the battery (function disabled).
1 integrated telephone communicator with digital protocol (Contact-ID) or voice mode (with optional card BT-MF).
8 phone numbers set (including 1 for the Operational Centre and 1 Teleservice).
1 interface on BUS485.
1 PSTN modem for remote management (optional BT-MDA).
1 LAN card (optional BT-LAN).
1 GSM / GPRS (optional BT-GSM).
History of all events (up to 2000), available from the keypad or PC.
Voice menu with DTMF commands remotely.
Listen-in and hands-on 2 selectable channels (with keyboard BT-KPA).
ABS plastic housing with tamper and tamper.
Ability to plan and monitor the entire system, with access password, using MVC software locally, with serial connection, or remotely (via modem or LAN).

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