Infinity Security’s main objective is to guarantee the security of our customers by offering personalized techniques to meet their needs.The partners of Infinity Security have several years of in-depth experience in security systems.This makes our company highly-professional and reliable.We have, in time, acquired the technical knowledge to satisfay to all our client’s needs.We have worked in important sector such as hospital facilities, legal offices, public offices and Universities.Infinity Security uses high quality products that are competitive both for their quality and their price.They are furnished by major suppliers of equipment and security systems, such as Google, Hikvision, Dahua and Sicep.

We deal in security systems, mainly in door and window sensors, fire sensors, CCTV systems, security monitoring, safety turnstiles, centralized monitoring systems and metal detectors.
Our company offers mainly burglar alarm systems and video surveillance systems at the most affordable rate on the market, top quality professional installation and prompt servicing.

Services and technologies
Our services include risk analysis, planning consultancy, professional installation and maintenance.These are all essential for the lasting efficiency of our systems.

All our systems are compatible, can be integrated, be modified and up-graded to new technological developments and the changing needs or our customers.Above all, this guarantees real-time notification via GPRS and Lan systems.

Live surgery
Our customers’ needs are our top priority.

We analyze each situation and find solutions that offer quality, price and servicing, including settings such as LIVE SURGERY that is LIVE videos in operating rooms that are in communication with universities or other facilities for real-time viewing.

This is absolutely essential in the teaching and learning of surgical procedures.

Operations are filmed in a discreet and highly professional way that does not interfer with the work of the doctor or the privacy of the patient.

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